Clean Water: Mother Nature’s Priceless Blessing

Water and Health

Water fills our world. Huge areas of the planet are covered in liquid. The human body is composed of seventy percent water while animals’ bodies are also dominated by H20. However, we sometimes take this precious resource for granted.

People throw away half-filled glasses. Man-made pollution contaminates water supply and we waste a lot when taking a bath, doing laundry or wash dishes. We may not notice it, but water plays a vital role in our world. From nourishing vegetation to sustaining human and other life forms, water is a blessing we can’t live without for long periods of time.

Water has many uses. The liquid serves many purposes besides keeping us alive and healthy. It powers electric plants, helps process food and beverages, is a vital element in various products and utilized in many more applications. Without adequate water supply, we cannot survive. Even if we do, our environment cannot sustain us. Before we apply water to our health requirements or other urgent functions, let us take care of it. We must ensure that our drinking water is potable.

How Water Helps Our Bodies

We consume water every day. A person cannot survive for two to three days without water. Although the amount varies based on age and gender, take in at least eight glasses per day or around 2.2 liters daily. During summer season, we drink more than the average to cool our bodies as well as avoid diseases like heat stroke. Besides providing sustenance, water is important in maintain our body’s functions. Once again, it is important to ensure a steady and clean supply of H20.

Water has 5 vital functions for the human body. It controls our body’s temperature through perspiration and respiration and delivers nutrients to cells that include minerals plus vitamins. Water also takes away waste products from organ cells then removes them through urine and feces. It breaks down the food we eat so they can easily be digested. The liquid absorbs nutrients better and lubricates joints as well. Our eyes too must be lubricated for it to function efficiently. Thus, it is important for us to drink clean, if not purified water. Even a little dirty drink can damage our well-being. Moreover, we need water in order to breathe comfortably. Our lungs must be moisturized by water as we inhale and exhale.

The Importance of Clean Water to Healthy Living

Potable water is necessary not only in keeping us away from diseases. It also ensures that we are in strong health condition. Clean water maintains the good balance between our body’s fluids.

At the same time, it helps us think logically. A brain that is well hydrated can think in a much better way. If we do not drink enough, we might suffer from headache or migraine. Our brain consists of 90 % water, our bones 22 % while blood is at 83%.

In addition, our muscles along with our immune system function more efficiently if they are hydrated. We get tired faster if we consume less water. Drinking beverages may help. However, they are not natural. Like processed food, soft drinks, sports drinks and many juices contain preservatives that cause damage to the organs. Alcohol is certainly a bad option because it hampers kidney and brain functions and even causes dehydration.

Do you want a natural way to diet? Drink plenty of water. Lots of liquid keeps your stomach “full”, thus enabling you to lessen your calorie intake. People who want to eat less drink a glass or two before their meal. Just make sure that you do not skip a meal or cut down on your food consumption. Otherwise, your health would suffer.

Because water energizes our muscles, keeping yourself fully hydrated is a must. It is also a remedy for back pains and hastens the healing time when you suffer from colds. Water is a cheap cure for ailments.

Nutritionists recommend that you drink at least two hours before you exercise. Drink once in a while to replace fluids lost through perspiration. If cells inside our muscles contain fewer fluids, they cannot function normally. We become weaker in the process. Water also makes the skin look smooth since it prevents the excessive loss of fluids.

Water is important for our kidney’s functions. It aids in the cleaning and flushing away of toxins and preservatives our body consumes from unnatural foods. They are excreted via urine. When you drink fewer glasses, you dispose waste in fewer amounts.

If you want substantial cleansing, take in at least eight glasses per day. People who drink very small quantities are in danger of developing kidney stones. Adequate water is required in maintaining normal bowel functions as well as keeps many functions inside our body move smoothly. Moreover, we reduce the risks of getting bladder cancer by 50% and colon cancer by around 40-45 %.

More Water Benefits

Enough water in our bodies means we minimize daytime exhaustion. Even mild dehydration weakens our strength. When you jog, you should pause once in a while then drink. Since our brain needs sufficient supply, lack of H20 might affect the way we think. It assists the blood in sustaining normal circulation.

In case we donate blood, we must replenish the quantity by consuming more glasses of clean water. Pregnant or breast feeding women should have a steady supply of fluids too. When taking a bath, for example, even a little unclean water may cause more harm than cleaning our bodies. It dries up your skin faster, making you uncomfortable. Therefore, personal hygiene requires us to use uncontaminated water.

We can cleanse our liver and kidneys, treat high cholesterol, and reduce anxiety, diabetes plus other health risks using lemon grass. However, we must mix lemon grass with water. Eating the grass raw might not taste good. Once boiled, drink the juice at least twice a day, preferably at home.

Drinking lemon grass extract compels you to urinate often, causing inconvenience if you’re outside the house. You can boil horse radish leaves in water then drink it to get many vitamins and minerals. You might no longer buy artificial supplements anymore.

Indeed, water is one of Mother Nature’s priceless resources. To keep us healthy and our world productive, we must take good care of our water supply.