MSR Water Filters Review

MSR Water Filter

“The Idea that better, safer, more reliable equipment is the key to unlocking greater adventures” is what MSR offers to the market. Reliable equipment that will based on our own experiences in the wild places we love.

They never fails to contrive new gears that will suit on a family backpacking trips, to a water filer that will surely provide the safest water to drink that will be needed to fuel up the greatest excursions into the farthest place in globe.

From high-capacity water treatment, to fast-and-light solutions and expedient gravity-powered filtration. MSR offers a very safest hydration that you’ll be needing anywhere and everywhere you will go.

MSR will give you the latest technologies and laborious testing to guarantee you a consistent resources of water on every day from day to night, from your house to outside, from trekking to hikes.

Big Change Turns into a Great one with MSR Hyperflow Micro filter

In the present days, outdoor activities, adventurers and hikers are going faster and farther to their location. They are seeking for the solutions that will increase their speed and the efficiency in climbing up the highest mountains.

The goal that was designed for MSR Hyperflow micro filter is it needed to be light and fast.

The most advanced engineering to make the water treatment so diminutive and so easy to use is the HyperFLow Micro filter which utilizes the latest Hollow Fiber Technology, which will really change the way you travel in all places.

The HyperFlow comes I under 8 ounces and delivers 3 liters of clean water per minute, that’s why it’s the lightest and the fastest pump that will make your water available.

It will be suitable on day trips as it is on multi-day excursions because of its ergonomic design, small size and tool-fee maintainability.

You will got the most efficient micro filter by adding the filtration rate of 3 liters per minute of your water or one liter every 2 strokes.

Hollow fiber technology is also part of this system since it helps the harmful microbes and particulates trapped it inside the fibers until the filter is backflushed.

Don’t forget it is also included with a Quick Connect bottle adaptor – which allows the direct connection to all MSR hydration well engineered products and a lots of different kinds of “wide mouth” containers-and by a highly developed prefilter which will help to prolong the life of your filter.

It is field maintainable because of it can be cleaned repeatedly for flow recovery without tools.

They contrived it for the people who needs a reliable supply of clean water on their outdoor adventures wherein weight and the speed is on the top of the list in their priorities,

Best Seller in our Market: MSR MiniWorks EX Micro Filter

MSR is the worldwide best-selling micro filter that was engineered for normal and heavy use, delivering water long-lasting, field-maintainable water filtration in any demanding or emergency situations.

It utilizes the workhouse Marathon EX carbon/ceramic element to guarantee the cleanest, consistent and taste-free water.

Because of its innovative AirSpring Accumulator, the capability of pumping one liter per minute and the flow rate will be renew easily and can be repeatedly in the field without the use of tools.

Thousands of adventurers have been already proven its lightweight and compact, so whenever they are going they can bring it anytime.

Effectiveness of Water Filtration for Backpacking and Camping

Trampling the middle pitch between the lightest and the most resilient filters, the SweetWater Micro filter makes the water treatment very easy and in confident in offering you the cleanest water by undergoing the process of treating the water.

Frivolous, simple and adaptable, it’s the perfect combination for the treatment of water option for light to moderate use, with having the capacity to easily forward to the top of the demands of the people to cater their occasional big outdoor trips.

It can be easily cleaned in the field without worrying tools to restore the flow rates of the water as well as it pumps the water easily with a ratio of 4:1 mechanical advantage that will produce 1.25 liters per minute.

The package also includes the SweetWater micro filter, 80-micron stainless steel prefilter, (2) color-coded silicone hoses, foam flat, water bottle adapter, cleaning brush and stuff sack.

For easy packing and storage, the handle holds flat when not in use.

The MSR’s Most Versatile and Comprehensive Water Treatment System – Sweetwater Purifier System

With comprehensive water treatment or micro filter system will give you the added protection that is serious life-threatening in popular in the wilderness areas and into the developing locations.

It removes bacteria, pathogens or any particulate, taste and odors by the SweetWater Micro filter, while the chlorine-based SweetWater Purifier Solution will effectively inactivates the viruses that can be found in contaminated water without the bad tasting iodine.

Together they will assure you that it will provide you most reliable water.

It can pump easily with a 4:1 mechanical advantage, the will produce 1.25 liters per minute and can be easily clean without the use of tools in the field to restore its flow rates.

This system passed the U.S. EPA requirements for microbiological water purifiers.

The Fast, Easy and Effective Water Purification: MSR Aquatabs

Aquatabs water purification tablets is very quick and consistent in purifying the drinking water from the highest mountain to the high-traffic wilderness areas closer to your home, is in demand.

They’re effective to remove the bacteria, pathogens viruses such as Giardia cysts from our fresh water. It can provide you the safest drinking water in just 30 minutes.

It is ideal for travelling wherein you need to bring your lightest baggage. They are also for great travelling into internationally or domestic locations. And because they package individually, they can travel well, making its ideal emergency back-up to any micro filter.

It is also passed the U.S. EPA requirements for microbiological water purifiers.

In my opinion, the only water filter that is per with MSR is Go Berkey Water Filter.

Now is the Right Time to Lose Weight

Healthy Diet

Look at yourself at the mirror. Do you love your body? If there is extra baggage that you can find in your body, you may want to remove those. If you love your body right now, maintain it. But for those who are gaining more pounds on the sides, we need to make a move on how you can burn a lot of fats and to be healthy.

Health is wealth as they say. Yes, it is true. If we are healthy, we can do or work well and be productive. At the end of the day, you have accomplished a lot of things which can lead to positive reinforcements such as promotions.

Have you analyzed the components of what you are eating? For your breakfast, what are the foods that you are eating? For lunch, what do you eat? For dinner, what are the kinds of food that you include in your meal? How often do you eat snacks? Are you conscious about your diet?

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Start with a Healthy Eating Habit


Weight Loss

The goal of weight loss is something coveted by a lot of people nowadays. May it be due to the fact that the awareness of the people is increasing regarding all the benefits that losing weight entails or how losing weight helps in keeping or achieving a physically attractive appearance, weight loss has now become a priority for a lot of people. However, it is by no means that losing weight is just a walk in the park. In fact, a lot of people have a really hard time in their efforts to lose weight because of a number of reasons.

There are two main components when it comes to weight loss – having regular exercise which helps shed off the few extra pounds while also improving the muscle mass and tone, lessening the excess fats that you have and there’s also having a balanced diet that’s adequately composed of carbohydrates, proteins and fats at the right amounts.

Any deviations from these two factors will contribute to the difficulty of achieving weight loss. For example, even if you eat healthy food but you don’t exercise on a regular basis or just keep a sedentary lifestyle, you will certainly have trouble in losing weight. And even if you exercise regularly but still eat plenty of unhealthy foods or junk foods and beverages, then weight loss will be a far goal to reach. That is why these two must work hand in hand.

A balanced diet primarily consists of meat, carbs, fruits and vegetables. While not completely restricting the consumption of fatty meats and foods rich in calories, one should limit the amount that they take. Several healthcare practitioners steadily advise people to include a hefty amount of fruits and vegetables in one’s daily diet because of the nutritional value that they contain. However, even after knowing this, a lot of people still find it difficult to lose weight.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a burden. There are ways that you can take that don’t involve liposuction or even taking diet pills that just lead to horrible side effects like vomiting, excessive sweating, diarrhea and at times, it can even cause a dangerous case of dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Weight loss doesn’t need to be that hard.

So, what are the ways in which you can manage your diet and lose weight? Here are just some simple things that you can do.

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Simple Tips for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Losing weight has become a part of the norm in society wherein a lot of people actually make it their goal to shave off some pounds and lose weight. Though different people have different reasons as to why they aim to lose weight, the most common reasons are losing weight to get a fit and a physically attractive body, to achieve a healthier body or to minimize the effect of an already existing condition like coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or stroke.

Weight loss has two important factors for its success – a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. If one or both of these factors are missing or lacking, weight loss ends up being a futile attempt. While there are also artificial ways on losing weight, particularly through liposuction, plastic surgery or even taking diet pills that just let you end up vomiting often or experiencing diarrhea which would indeed lead to losing weight but it will also lead to the loss of significant nutrients and electrolytes that our body needs. Not to mention, this practice also causes damage to the body in a number of ways.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be a chore, let alone risking your very own health for it to be successful. There are small but significant ways that can help in your journey to weight loss. But what are these things?

Here are just a few simple tips that can help you lose weight.

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Weight Loss Made Easy

Weight Loss

Weight loss has become the priority for a lot of people. With the increasing incidence of health conditions that are associated with being overweight and the fact that there are continuing developments of health problems like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular accidents, losing weight has become something aspired by a lot of people. It isn’t just about losing weight and looking fit anymore. It’s about achieving good health since being overweight is associated with a lot of health problems.

There are two significant factors that greatly affect our weight. One – having a proper diet that consists of the ratio of more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables than unhealthy foods in excessive amounts like meat rich in fat, sweets and alcohol. And two – exercising on a regular basis so that excessive fat is shaved off while your muscles are allowed to grow. A mismatch in one or both of these factors will contribute to unhealthy weight gain if left unanswered.

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Clean Water: Mother Nature’s Priceless Blessing

Water and Health

Water fills our world. Huge areas of the planet are covered in liquid. The human body is composed of seventy percent water while animals’ bodies are also dominated by H20. However, we sometimes take this precious resource for granted.

People throw away half-filled glasses. Man-made pollution contaminates water supply and we waste a lot when taking a bath, doing laundry or wash dishes. We may not notice it, but water plays a vital role in our world. From nourishing vegetation to sustaining human and other life forms, water is a blessing we can’t live without for long periods of time.

Water has many uses. The liquid serves many purposes besides keeping us alive and healthy. It powers electric plants, helps process food and beverages, is a vital element in various products and utilized in many more applications. Without adequate water supply, we cannot survive. Even if we do, our environment cannot sustain us. Before we apply water to our health requirements or other urgent functions, let us take care of it. We must ensure that our drinking water is potable.

How Water Helps Our Bodies

We consume water every day. A person cannot survive for two to three days without water. Although the amount varies based on age and gender, take in at least eight glasses per day or around 2.2 liters daily. During summer season, we drink more than the average to cool our bodies as well as avoid diseases like heat stroke. Besides providing sustenance, water is important in maintain our body’s functions. Once again, it is important to ensure a steady and clean supply of H20.

Water has 5 vital functions for the human body. It controls our body’s temperature through perspiration and respiration and delivers nutrients to cells that include minerals plus vitamins. Water also takes away waste products from organ cells then removes them through urine and feces. It breaks down the food we eat so they can easily be digested. The liquid absorbs nutrients better and lubricates joints as well. Our eyes too must be lubricated for it to function efficiently. Thus, it is important for us to drink clean, if not purified water. Even a little dirty drink can damage our well-being. Moreover, we need water in order to breathe comfortably. Our lungs must be moisturized by water as we inhale and exhale.

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